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Language Courses

The training method involves by ANPA mandatory specialist modules of Professional Turism English within the study plan of the course of the reception and in any type of Master, organized according to a methodology based mainly on learning mnemonic of the terms and most common expressions in the departments of the hotel object classes, to be developed through direct conversation and simulation of real work situations, acted as a "role play" between the students and the teacher (only manager of the hotel industry). The super glossary that will be taught during the courses will take possession of a technical vocabulary very thorough, whose assimilation will take place in a natural and spontaneous, allowing students to apply what has already been at work "starred" in the classroom so instinctive and straightforward.

An analysis of the increasingly frequent need for a multitude of professions to master a foreign language (and in particular the English Language) in specific areas, has also been established within a particular ANPA Language Department, created in order to provide students with a quick and effective support tool for optimizing the use of foreign languages in their business or profession. And why the Institute proposes and organizes courses Professional Tourism English specific individual hotel business, dedicated and focused mainly on speaking and resolution of case histories and situations of individual applicants in professional activities. The objective is to provide, quickly and with an innovative teaching methodology, the more technical terminology used within each department and to speed up and optimize the techniques of conversation (understanding of questions and formulating answers) with foreign interlocutors. The courses Professional Tourism English are dedicated and focused mainly on speaking and resolution of case histories and situations more applicants in the individual professional.

The courses organized by ANPA Professional Tourism English are aimed at anyone (undergraduates, graduates and Italian and foreign) intend to expand their vocabulary professional language. Mandatory requirement for access to the courses is the basic knowledge or basic English, as well as support an aptitude test that will help identify the level of language proficiency of each candidate. The courses are structured in modules of 18 hours divided into 6 classes of 3 hours each, for a period of about 3 weeks. To support the training will be provided grammar texts, technical glossaries for each industry and occupation, and handouts made by teaching and containing exercises and case history theme. At the end of course will receive a Certificate of Participation, after passing examination.

The teaching of the language modules of Professional Inglese is entrusted exclusively to managers in the tourism sector, the hotel and restaurant with high language skills, with the aim of offering students a staff of highly skilled trainers and able to adopt a teaching method based on simulation of typical situations of each department and allow you to play in the classroom of real conversations.

The cost of the Professional Toursim English course organized by ANPA is € 1000,00 + VAT 22%, which will be paid in the following solutions:

• € 220,00 enrollment + n. 2 monthly installments of € 500.00 c.u.
• € 220,00 enrollment in n + funding. 12 monthly installments of € 90,00 c.u.

The total cost includes the examination fee and the issuance of the certificate of participation.


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