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Phone: +39 06 997 069 45
Phone: +39 06 997 069 46
Mobile: +39 393 9230 999


ANPA is currently operational throughout the country and has a headquarters and teaching in Rome, from which it is coordinated throughout the training activity present in different provinces of the North, Central and South Italy.
The training centers are ANPA in Rome, Frosinone, Florence, Bologna, Milan, Finale Ligure, Turin, Naples, Palermo and Catania, in collaboration with prestigious hotels and restaurants partners of the project "School-Hotel".
Promotion activities, organization and management of training activities, as well as registration procedures, are coordinated from the head office in Rome (Via Orazio, 3 - Cross Via Cola di Rienzo). Tel: 06.99706945-46; Fax: 06.97254864; email
In Frosinone collaborate with ANPA, as partner companies Institute and locations of training, the following structures: Pasticceria Dolcemascolo.
The training of ANPA in Frosinone includes the activation of the following courses and master in formula group, individual and specialist (all programs and levels of courses and master can be found in the related links):



• Pastry chef (only individual formula)

• Chocolate machines (only individual formula)




  • AICR
  • Ada Lazio
  • ANBA
  • APCI
  • APN
  • SKAL
  • Movimento Cuochi Siciliani
  • Location di Charme
  • A.I.R.A
  • Associazione Italiana Housekeeper
  • Eccellenze Italiane Cake Designer
  • Asso Spa Manager
  • Asso Spa Manager

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