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The ANPA - National Academy Professions Hotel


ANPA, operating in Italy since 1993, is the Tourist, Hottelerie and Restaurant Training Department owned by ANCI SRL - National Academy of Communications and Image, created for the world of tourism and its entrepreneurs, in order to help the recruiting of professional and motivated staff. ANPA training methodology is characterized by the transformation of the hotel in a kind of "didactical container" into which train the future human resources able to be proactive forces within the hotel industry.
ANPA, through its training activities, offers a concrete answers to those who are seeking a qualification or a retraining, promoting at the same time the improvement in the quality of the touristic services offered by the recruitment, into the labor market, of highly specialized resources.


The primary feature of the ANPA’s methodology is represented by the transformation of prestigious hotels and dining companies in teaching locations for the training courses and the involvement of the management of those partners companies into the teaching activities. An innovative training model that sees, for the first time, a "School-Hotel" structured with a central headquarter in Rome and with regional offices located in important hotellerie facilities.
ANPA is an Italian School of Management highly specialized in the field of professional and managerial training, post diploma and post-graduate, in the fields of tourism/hotel and specifically oriented to the qualification, the requalification and the upgrade of cadres, intermediates and managerial figures to be employed in the Front Office, Wellness, Rooms Division and Food & Beverage Departments, and the specialization in foreign language related to their use in the workplace.

ANPA’s teaching method is structured, for each type of course, on a full immersion training course lasting 48 hours for group courses of the first level (basic), 30-hour for second level courses (advanced) and 18 hours for third level courses (specialized), articulated in three weekly classes of three hours each.
The Masters, on the other hand, have a duration of 72 hours spread over a period of three months.

Each course and Master could be also activated in the Individual Formula, in order to guarantee to particularly demanding participants and to particular professional figures and personal needs, the provision of a "tailored" educational service that can be structured in contents, timetable and deadlines upon the availability of the student and agreed in advance between the student and the Educational Direction.

At the end of each training path there is the possibility to carry out a subsequent internship program from 1 to 6 months in hosting companies: the purpose is, therefore, to reduce the time of permanence in the classroom of the students, speeding up their contact with local businesses activities, through a concrete experimentation in the field of the skills acquired during the training course or Master.


ANPA is the first Academy in Italy to have patented the "School-Hotel" methodology, revolutionizing the classic standards of professional and managerial training in the classroom, through the transformation of the hotel in training areas in which the human resources will be included in the future.
The primary feature of the ANPA courses is based, thus, on the "School-Hotel" sharing project between the Institute and the singular hotel companies located in the national territory. The hotel facilities are available to host the training courses proposed by ANPA, through a partnership that sees the same hotel providing to teachers the corporate know-how, using the various operational departments and with the involvement of their management in the teaching activities.
A business model that enables the simultaneous management of intensive training programmes throughout the country, starting from the major touristic destination in the Center, North and South Italy, according to a system that allows the delivery of a Brand Service in producing quality controlled training courses, tested and protected by a central organization.

ANPA is actually operating in Italy in the cities of Rome, Florence, Bologna, Naples, Palermo, Milan, Turin, Finale Ligure, thanks to the collaboration of prestigious hotels transformed into "School-Hotel".
Marketing and promotion activities, the organization and the management of training activities are coordinated from the Head Office in Rome.
Through a continuous training model monthly proposed on the entire national territory, ANPA intercepts a number of users ranging between 500-600 students per year. Heterogeneous users, represented mainly by an audience of young and senior from different countries (EU and non-EU citizens in possession of a valid residence permit), mainly unemployed people, graduated or holding an university degree. In addition to these clients, an increasing number of workers already employed in the tourism/hotel and dining industry, have chosen to undertake the training programs offered for retraining or upgrading purposes, often financed by their same companies.


ANPA delivers ongoing training to corporate and private customers, structured in primary courses leading to professional qualifications, secondary courses and Master focusing on professional retraining and management (addressed to entrepreneurs and managers and executives), specialized courses and single-issue courses, individual courses tailor-made and residential courses in Italy and abroad as well as seminars and workshops.
The ANPA singles educational offers are designed, prepared and constantly updated by the Educational Board of the Institute through an accurate and constants market surveys, comparisons with the business world, with the Professional Category Associations in order to identify the main effectives methods, contents and timing of the training, through needs analysis, goal setting, development of teaching tools, the monitoring and the assessment of the final results.
This allows the Institute to train and retrain human resources with the most requested technical and professional skills in the international labor market and needed to work with professionalism and competence in the various hotels and restaurants Departments.
In order to ensure a differentiated and innovative training, targeted to the different applicants (young Italian and foreign, school or university graduated, business operators), ANPA entrusts the teaching activities to professionals and managers included in specialized fields in the world of the tourism, hotel and dining facilities, with proven professional skills for singular thematics.


The courses are addressed to young high school or university graduated, to unemployed people, to foreigners, to working students and to hotels and other facilities staff that already work in the field, and is motivated to achieve some of the specializations offered by ANPA’s courses.
In particular, ANPA would like to offer a training opportunity, and then a future employment, also to young foreigners, arriving in Italy, that seriously intend to integrate themselves in the economic and social tissue, through a concrete possibility to be included into the touristic labor market.


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