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Food Intollerance Courses

In the course of the Restaurant Area, ANPA inaugurates a new important segment of training dedicated to the topic of allergies and food intolerance.

The aim of the course is to provide participants with the basic knowledge about allergies and food intolerance, as well as techniques and procedures for the production and processing of sweet and savory food healthful and free of allergens.

The increase in allergies and intolerances that occurred in recent years, with the consequent adverse reactions of the organism to certain foods or additives, it is a growing problem in our society that greatly affects not only those affected by the phenomenon, but even and especially those who work in the restaurant industry who daily have to manage the rising demands of customers who require special attention because they are intolerant to some food.

Among the large increase in allergies, the nickel and the nickel-rich foods, including chocolate and cocoa powder, tomatoes, spinach, lentils, asparagus, legumes, nuts and dried fruit. Among the cereals richest nickel we are also oats, corn, millet and buckwheat. But nickel is also present in plant foods, such as in seafood, oysters, salmon, shrimp and mussels in, in the herring and the mackerel. Possible presence of nickel also in foods and beverages in cans or canned because of the material of the container and of the machining process. Nickel risk also for the pots where you are cooking, resulting attention from the caterers to the containers and to the accessories in which they are produced and cooked foods.

More widespread intolerance and object of special attention, the lactose and gluten, which require from companies and food dining strict observance of production protocols and administering feed. The request for a customer to avoid certain groups of ingredients must indeed be taken literally by the operator, because unfortunately even a small amount of food or even breathing the dust of flour, may be a source of problems for the consumer.

Considering therefore the substantial increase in problems on allergies and food intolerances and the great attention of consumers to the kitchen Healthy, ANPA has sought to implement its training of the Food & Beverage sector with a major series of training courses aimed Specialist operators entrepreneurs and Catering (Chef, Pastry, ice cream makers, pizza chefs, Food & Beverage Manager, gastronomes, Restaurateurs, Hoteliers ...) for purposes of professional development, as well as those affected or not by these issues or interested in vegan or vegetarian, proposes to acquire or expand knowledge of goods, regulatory and technical production of meals and foods without allergens or healthful, to start his own business dedicated to food intolerances.

The training courses designed for individual food intolerance and aimed at all areas of the Plan, will therefore allow to understand how to tackle intolerance, studying diseases and the risks and acquire the technical and professional skills to start and run a new way of doing Restaurants and oriented to the satisfaction of the users also "uncommon " .

The main objective of the ANPA Courses Allergy, Intolerance Food and Cooking Healthy, will therefore be to train new professionals of food and wine "differently - gourmet ", in order to be able to anticipate the needs of a user particularly in need attention and protection , but also eager to be able to " enjoy" a varied and quality , certainly compatible with their disease or dietary restrictions , but possibly similar to that of the best traditional Italian cuisine and confectionery.

The teaching of the courses is entrusted exclusively to Executive Chef, Executive Pastry Chef, Pizza Chef Masters, chocolatiers and ice cream makers, bakers, gastronomes..., specialized on Healthy Cooking and Food Allergy and Intolerance with proven experience and professionalism.

Head of Training Master Luca Casciani, Executive Pastry Chef, Accredited Professional AIC (Italian Celiac Association) and university professor. All Speciality Courses this particular Training Area, are proposed by ANPA in the places where the Institute is operating mode Specialist Courses Individual or through a training constructible "tailored" to the characteristics and needs professional and business student, so as to finalize the formation to the specific expectation of the same.

For business users, ANPA also includes the activation of Speciality Courses on allergies, food intolerance, vegan and vegetarian, the exclusive Formula Individual - Residential, or by sending home a Personal Coach Food & Beverage, that will form the student directly within the company.
This will allow the student to optimize their investment in training time and at the same time take advantage of training not only technical but also "consulting" on the part of teaching sent on site.

All courses are set to a standard 30 hour training, structurable also in full immersion mode (5 consecutive days of 6 hours a day) or according to a schedule concordabile advance between the student, the Board of Education of ANPA and the teacher.

At the end of Specialist Courses, subject to final examination will be awarded a Certificate of Professional Qualification on specific themes addressed (eg Kitchen, Confectionery, Ice Cream Gluten Free; Kitchen on Food intolerances, Kitchen, Confectionery, Ice ... Vegan or Vegetarian, etc ... .), recognized by the major trade associations Professional Italian and international industry, partners of our Institute (APCI - Association of Professional Italian Chefs; FIP - Federation of Italian and International Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate), expendable in the labor market.

The cost of participation in each Course Specialist 30 hours, in Formula Individual or Individual - Residential, is of € 2000.00 + VAT 22%, payable in installments mode.

Courses are programmed throughout the year on specific request of the user, prior notice of at least 7/10 days.


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